[ { "title": "System and method for cloud provisioning and application deployment", "publication_date": "2010/14/10", "number": "09274811", "url": "/2010/10/14/system-and-method-for-cloud-provisioning-and-application-deployment/", "abstract": "Embodiments described herein provide systems and methods for installing or otherwise supporting applications in a cloud environment and systems and methods for provisioning a cloud environment. One embodiment includes abstracting a set of configuration information associated with a first environment into a set of environment independent attributes and a set of environment dependent attributes. A second environment may then be configured using the mapped environment independent attributes and the values for the set of environment dependent attributes. If the second environment is a cloud environment, embodiments described herein can include provisioning the cloud environment by mapping hardware and/or software characteristics of the first environment and/or user selected characteristics to abstractions of the characteristics and sending API calls to a cloud environment interface based on the abstractions of the characteristics to provision a selected target environment in the cloud environment.", "owner": "BladeLogic, Inc.", "owner_city": "Houston", "owner_country": "US" } ]