[ { "title": "System for organizing and guiding a user in the experience of browsing different applications based on contexts", "publication_date": "2010/30/12", "number": "09575776", "url": "/2010/12/30/system-for-organizing-and-guiding-a-user-in-the-experience-of-browsing-different-applications-based-on-contexts2/", "abstract": "The present invention provides a system that enhances the experience of using a portable device such as mobile phones, smart phones, Personal Digital Assistants PDA etc. To improve the user experience in the use of a portable device, techniques are used for “context characterization, i.e., from a range of conditions possible to detect by the system, such as time (date/time), current location, motion, etc., as well as the historical use of the device, a certain grouping of actions and settings, called “context” are selected automatically or manually, modifying and setting from that moment the way of user interacts with the device.", "owner": "SAMSUNG ELECTRÔNICA DA AMAZÔNIA LTDA.", "owner_city": "Campinas-São Paulo", "owner_country": "BR" }, { "title": "API and business language schema design framework for message exchanges", "publication_date": "2010/30/04", "number": "07886305", "url": "/2010/04/30/api-and-business-language-schema-design-framework-for-message-exchanges/", "abstract": "A server system facilitates an exchange of messages with a remote client application. The server system includes a plurality of application servers hosting a plurality of applications. A plurality of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) provides programmatic access to the plurality of applications, each of the APIs being configured to receive request messages compiled by the remote client application. First and second request messages, respectively addressed to first and second APIs of the plurality of APIs by a remote client application, each comprise at least one common data component. Further, the first request message includes a first payload specific to the first API, and the second request message includes a payload specific to the second API.", "owner": "eBay Inc.", "owner_city": "San Jose", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Controller and method to build a combined web page using data retrieved from multiple APIS", "publication_date": "2010/03/03", "number": "08745639", "url": "/2010/03/03/controller-and-method-to-build-a-combined-web-page-using-data-retrieved-from-multiple-apis/", "abstract": "Systems, devices, and methods for using an application program interface (API) client controller to build a model view include a requestor, an executor, a converter, and one or more web APIs. Developers can create web pages that are a collection of references to API queries. The requestor maps an API path to an API request or an API call. The executor executes the API request to an API to retrieve content data. The converter then converts the retrieved content data returned by the API request to a data structure. The retrieved content data (structure) can be stored in a memory device. Multiple content data structures may be requested and stored. The data structure or data structures are then inserted in a web page template to create a model view.", "owner": "CBS Interactive Inc.", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" } ]